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Reiki Talk is easily accessible from:-  Amersham, Beaconsfield, Bourne End, Booker, Chesham, Denham, Downley, Flackwell Heath, Gerrards Cross, Great Missenden, Hazlemere, Holtspur, Hughenden, Lane End, Little Kingshill, Great Kinghsill, Loudwater, Maidenhead, Marlow, Naphill, Penn, Well End, Wendover, West Wycombe and Wooburn Green.

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This page used to be a long list of diagnosis, problems and labels.  I've dispensed with them because few people like a lable and for many their presenting problem is only part of the story.  In the end if I look at all the very many people I have helped I feel I can reduce down all the diagnosis and labels to one word - Loss.  Loss of something puts people out of kilter, sometimes that loss is manageable and at others it's overwhelming. 

Loss can be loss of health, abilities, independance, love, confidence, patience, career, home, support, friends, peace-of-mind, balance, happiness.. the list is endless, but no matter what term or label you give your situation or feelings, it or they will in the end, come down to deep feelings of loss.

And loss can make you feel angry, resentful, guilty, humiliated, lost, deserted, betrayed, desperate, alone, misunderstood, disconnected, tired, weak, confused ... again the list is endless. 

When you mind is low, your temperament and your body follow.  This of course works the other way round as well, if your body is low your temperament and your mind will follow.  At what speed depends on the environement around you; whether you have respite from your loss, whether you have support from friends and family, whether your loss is added to, again there's quite a list of variables.

Because we are all individuals we respond to loss in different ways at different times in our life.  What we found challenging at 20, sinks us at 50, yet what we failed to see or understand at 25 is clear and obvious at 55.  What we once found unforgiveable becomes, with time inconsequential.    And what was nothing once, is everything now. 

Life is often nothing if not complicated and challenging.  I am pleased to say that over the years I have helped may individuals and couples to move forward with their lives. You can read just a few of their thoughts on the tesimonials page; I am grateful to very one that has been kind enough to take the time to let me know how they experienced therapy with me.

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Established 2006.    Successfully Combining Therapies for 10yrs.   Practice Address:  10 West Drive, High Wycombe, Bucks. HP13 6JT

Reiki Talk is the private therapy practice of Claire Derby, Reiki Master, Psychotherapist,  Counsellor, Relationship Coach, Author & Intuitive. 

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