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Reiki Talk is easily accessible from:-  Amersham, Beaconsfield, Bourne End, Booker, Chesham, Denham, Downley, Flackwell Heath, Gerrards Cross, Great Missenden, Hazlemere, Holtspur, Hughenden, Lane End, Little Kingshill, Great Kinghsill, Loudwater, Maidenhead, Marlow, Naphill, Penn, Well End, Wendover, West Wycombe and Wooburn Green.

What Happens In A Reiki Session?

Here I want to explain a little about my Reiki sessions.  This is worth reading even if you've received Reiki before, because all healers are different having their own style and ways of applying their various healing techniques.  For me, it depends on the session you've booked.  If you are having straight Reiki (no counselling or coaching), on your first session I will fill in an assessment form and we'll talk about what you want to achieve and how Reiki can help you. We'll also look at the best and most comfortable position for you to receive your healing. Then after a brief discussion we'll begin your Reiki session. 

I will ask you to remove your shoes and anything I might get caught on, for example large hooped earrings.  I usually work 'hands-on' ie. touching you, but hovering my hands over personal areas.  If you've come for pain relief I will start healing at the point of pain, and work out from that area, for stress relief I will start heal your head, neck and shoulders, and for energy balancing I will usually heal from your head to your toes, and if you feel able (we will have discussed this before I start) I will ask you to turn over and heal from your toes up to your head.

If I feel drawn to any particular areas in your system that are out of balance I may returnt to them at intervals.  Sometimes I will heal two areas of your body at the same time, placing a hand on each area; this can be particularly useful for emotional healing where your body is holding lots of painful memories and trauma.

If you have picked healing with crystals you will need to have a straight Reiki session first so that I can become familiar with your energy frequency and there by pick the correct crystals for your healing.  Before I start your crystal healing session I will place various small stones on and around your body - I may ask you to place some for me if it's close to personal areas.  I may also place some larger stones at your feet or head, or ask you to hold one.

I am aware that some people don't like having their feet touched, you are always welcome to bring socks with you, alternatively if you tell me I can hover over your feet.

Whilst receiving healing you may see colours, white lights, have odd random thoughts, often relaxing so deeply that you take quick cat naps throughout.  The time passes quickly.   At the end of your session you can slowly sit up, when you are ready you'll get off the couch and replace your shoes etc.  Then we'll have a brief chat to discuss when you need or want to return, and you can book your next session.

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Established 2006.    Successfully Combining Therapies for 10yrs.   Practice Address:  10 West Drive, High Wycombe, Bucks. HP13 6JT

Reiki Talk is the private therapy practice of Claire Derby, Reiki Master, Psychotherapist,  Counsellor, Relationship Coach, Author & Intuitive. 

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