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Sessions and Cost.

Young Adults Relationship Coaching - £35.00

A 30 minute session for 14-16yr olds who might struggle with a standard hour.  Relationship coaching can improve understanding and communication with others.

Relationship Coaching - £45.00

A 60 minute session for individuals who want to improve the way they relate to others through personal development and  learnt skills.

Soul Mates Relationship Coaching - £65.00

A 90 minute session for couples wishing to move forward together as a couple in a positive, respectful and supportive way.

Family Relationship Coaching - £65.00

A 60 minute home visit to help families that are struggling to get along, available to families that live within a 7 mile radius of High Wycombe.

Reiki Talk is easily accessible from:-  Amersham, Beaconsfield, Bourne End, Booker, Chesham, Denham, Downley, Flackwell Heath, Gerrards Cross, Great Missenden, Hazlemere, Holtspur, Hughenden, Lane End, Little Kingshill, Great Kinghsill, Loudwater, Maidenhead, Marlow, Naphill, Penn, Well End, Wendover, West Wycombe and Wooburn Green.

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Relationship Coaching Sessions - for individual, couples & families.

Relationship coaching aims to teach you how to examine yours and other peoples way of being through a more therapeutic eye.  I share with you easy to use skills and knowledge that all successful psychotherapists have and use.


  • You can understand more about how and why you, and people you know adopt coping mechanisms, particularly destructive ones.


  • You can learn to spot emotional triggers in yourself and others, and when you understand why they happen you can work effectively to reduce their impact on your life.


  • You can identified and actively work to change mechanisms that don't serve you.


  • You to spot repeat patterns and learn how to break destructive cycles of behaviour so that you can move forwards without dragging your old baggage and hurt with you.


  • You can learn to communicate more effectively using NLP techniques.

Relationship coaching can help relationships receive an injection of positive thinking and considered responses to re-establish a loving and mutually respectful way of being.  Understanding what motivates you, a difficult partner, or family member can empower you to implement very successful changes that will enhance your life and theirs.

If you'd like to book a session please contact me by phone, text or email to arrange a mutually suitable time, then use the PayPal buttons in advance of your appointment for debit or credit cards, or pay cash on the day.   Please read 'Terms and Conditions' before booking.


Text or Call: 07841-474398


Reiki Talk - Empowering Individuals & Couples

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Established 2006.    Successfully Combining Therapies for 10yrs.   Practice Address:  10 West Drive, High Wycombe, Bucks. HP13 6JT

Reiki Talk is the private therapy practice of Claire Derby, Reiki Master, Psychotherapist,  Counsellor, Relationship Coach, Author & Intuitive. 

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